BEVL iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Dock Top view

We crafted a dock that is divergent in build-quality, rock-solid function and visual simplicity to complement your iPhone 5, 6 or 7 in every way.

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Designed for iPhone

Showing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus docks side-by-side

& iPhone Plus.

Extreme Adjustability.

Everyone has different preferences. A unique swivel design lets you use the phone at your preferred viewing angle without compromising the stability.

BEVL dock adjust from 10 to 30 degrees

Headphones? No Problem.


A simple flip allows for easy headphone access.

Exploded view of dock

No detail overlooked. Everything Considered. Engineered to last forever.

Case friendly.

A simple adjustment process allows you to use your favorite iPhone case with the BEVL Dock, ensuring a precise fit with no wiggling or wobbling. With the included setup tool, adjustment takes less than a minute.

Stability diagram showing multiple points of contact

Maximum Stability.

Multiple contact points effectively hold your device.

  1. Support blade with rubberized contact point.
  2. The most rigid connector on the market.
  3. Contact base easily adjusts for your case or no case.
  4. Micro-suction base aids on smooth surfaces.

Cord Spool.

Wrap your cord into the base of the dock and eliminate cord clutter. Requires standard Apple Lightning cable.

BEVL iPhone Dock
iPhone 5/6/7/8/X Compatible


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